Possibility to reroute a call in queue to busy message when agent is busy


We provide the vitalpbx system for our customers and one of them has a question to which I do not know how to solve.
We set up a queue for them with 2 extensions and now they asked us if the following was possible:
When a call enters the queue and 1 of the extensions picks up the call, all future calls while they are busy shoud be rerouted to an announcement we created, even if the other extension is available.

Is there anyone here that knows how to set this up?

Could you use something like a ring group? If not, you might need custom dial plan to do what you are looking to accomplish.

I have not tested this, but you can try it.

Create an extension with no device, add both extensions to the follow me list, add the new extension to the queue and remove all other extensions. Finally, set that the queue should not ring busy extensions, and Join/Leave empty to strict.



Thanks for the responses, I tried it with @PitzKey 's attempt, but this does not work. The 2 other extensions in the follow me don’t ring when setting it up like that.
So I’m kind of at a loss here and I think this is a demand from our customer which cannot be met with Vitalpbx.

Here’s where a custom dial string would help…

That dial string would look something like:


Unfortunately, this was never implemented :frowning:

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