Polycom restart/reboot via provisioning

Hey there,

Is anyone here able to get their Polycom phones to restart/reboot remotely via the provision tab?

Support is advising the following lines should be included on /etc/asterisk/vitalpbx/pjsip_notify__10-default.conf:

; Polycom

Though, they don’t have any ideas on getting it to work.

Chiming in to see if anyone has had luck with this.


Hi @ferher1 welcome to the forums!

What happens if you send this reboot-polycom manually from the Asterisk CLI?

I haven’t tried this command from the CLI. I will give it a try though. Is it just reboot-polycom? I would think I would need a MAC ID with he command?



You will need the channel driver to send the notify.

IIRC, for PJSIP it is something like:

pjsip send notify polycom-reboot endpoint <endpoint>


Am I entering that correct? Came up with error.


correction… there was a typo

You are not in the Asterisk cli

asterisk -rvvv


So I got into the CLI which keeps showing a continuous warning about res_musiconhold though, it allows me to type at the command line. I entered the line and it doesn’t display any errors nor does the phone restart/reboot.

I’ve entered it as ```
pjsip send notify polycom-reboot endpoint

It’s on a multitenant so “smithss106” is the tenant prefix followed by extension number.


pjsip send notify polycom-reboot endpoint

The response on here keeps cutting off the endpoint I put in

A correct one would look like:

pjsip send notify polycom-reboot endpoint 101

Replace 101 with your extension


I did try both methods. 106 and smiths106. It’s multi tenant, so I assumed smiths would be required in front of the extension to differentiate which tenant it’s for. Will keep digging around.

Thanks for helping. Let me know if there is anything else I can try.

Here’s an update of the error I’m getting back when I try that polycom-reboot:

phone*CLI> pjsip send notify polycom-reboot endpoint SMITHS106
Unable to find notify type ‘polycom-reboot’
Command ‘pjsip send notify polycom-reboot endpoint SMITHS106’ failed.


I believe we’ve made progress. It’s actually reboot-polycom and not polycom-reboot
So it’s working from the CLI now Thanks!

phone*CLI> pjsip send notify reboot-polycom endpoint SMITHS106
Sending NOTIFY of type ‘reboot-polycom’ to ‘SMITHS106’

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