Please I need help on how to change callerid name and caller id number to fixed values for all inbound and outbound calls.

Good day am new to vitalpbx.

I had been using a pbx and having issues enforcing callerid name and callerid number to fixed values in the cloud version version but works fine on their distro version.

Please can i implement this in vital pbx so i can recomment me client switch from the pbx to vital pbx.

If incomming call has callerid number and callerid name as
+12545454544 <1235454545>

I need to transform it and enforce this to: 00000000 <00000000>


  1. Can i implement this through the GUI in vitalpbx - currently am installing it on our cloud kmv debian server?

  2. Can i implement this through dial plan?

  3. If I need to add extra dial plan parameters where will I type them in vital pbx e.g.

trustrpid =no
sendrpid =no
callerid =PBXTEX
cid_number =PBXTEX
fullname =PBXTEX
ignoresdpversion =yes
sdpsession =PBXTEX
sdpowner =PBXTEX
callerid =PBXTEX
calleridprivacy =PBXTEX
calleridtag =PBXTEX

Thanks for your advice , help and guidance.

Keywords: CallerID Modifier (for inbound) and overwrite CallerID in Outbound Routes (for outbound).
Both in VitalPBX gui.

Thanks alot it works

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