Please add password reset/forgot password for Sonata Suite

Please add password reset/forgot password for Sonata Suite.

An admin can reset a user’s password from the GUI. Or if the admin lost access, they can reset the password from shell.

Assuming this is feature request, then please change the category to wish-list.

Ok. I’ve changed to wish list.

Not ideal for the Admin to be doing password resets.

In the IT world? Yes it is!

However, I agree, the user portal should have some kind of password reset mechanism or integration with Active Directory etc.

Any word from Vital about adding this?
I find that even as an Admin, I get locked out.


As has been mentioned, you can use the shell commands to reset the admin password o any other user’s password.

In a short time, there are no plans to add a recovery feature to the PBX GUI.

And for the Sonata root/database password… how can I reset that? Is that somewhere in the docs? I cannot find it.

Would that just be a mysql/postgres command?
Does it impact functionality of any other parts of VPBX… or just Sonata?


Can you please elaborate on which of the sonata applications you are referring to?
Also, out of curiosity, what happened that you need to reset the password? I had set no password and it’s working fine ever since.


Stats. On the startup screen it is asking for a db password.

If you are going to install it on the same server where VitalPBX is, it does not need a password, it is left blank.