PJSIP VS SIP Difference

Hello, anybody can explain me what is the difference between sip and pjsip and why we chose pjsip and vice versa ?
thank you

In Asterisk it is referred as Chan_SIP and Chan_PJSIP, which PJSIP is the newer and only current supported SIP stack in Asterisk.

It comes with a lot of more modern features and tools.

what benefits can offer ^compared to sip

It’s essentially irrelevant since Chan_SIP has been deprecated (no bug or security fixes) and will be completely removed from Asterisk.

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hello pitzkey
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I have had multiple issues with pjsip and have had to reprogram all my extensions back to sip. If you’re planning to used older phones, remote phones or run a call center you should do some serious testing before you commit to pjsip.

PJSIP is definitely a learning curve. But it’s better you learn it now than later when Chan_SIP is gone.

Instead of going back to Chan_SIP rather post here *(create a new topic) the issues you have and we’ll try to help you.

I had problems with both audio, and registration. Mostly with remote users but still had issues with yealink series 4 phones locally, even after updating. I tried several different options with codecs but could 'nt get it working. Changed to sip and everything worked.

With an upset customer, I ran out of time trying to fix pjsip.

Saying that you “tried different options” is never helpful when asking for help. As mentioned, it is a learning curve. Whenever you are ready to give it another shot, please create a new topic with your issues along with your network and configuration details.

Thank you PitzKey. I will set up a test in the near future and open a new post if needed. Thanks again for the replies.

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