PJSIP Max Contacts 2 / Follow me (ringing even call is rejected)

I have one extension 1001 with 2 contacts

  1. 1001 registered in zoiper PCA
  2. 1001 registered in zoiper PCB

follow me is set to RingAll, when I call 1001 both ringing and I answer 1 then other one stopped ringing. (working as expected)

call 1001 and reject the call from one of the PC, the other PC is still ringing, as per my expectation, if I reject the call from one of them then call should go to VM ?

isn’t ?

Are those related?

Looks to me like it is… The way the dialplan dials the endpoints, it is not smart enough to detect the reject and send the call to voicemail.

Side note, you should use two devices instead f two contacts.

I have tried two devices but call behaviour is same

I have mentioned the two devices as a side note. It is more elegant to use it that way.
(For example, you can specify e911 info for each device, VS contacts you cannot)

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