PJSIP Extension's devices cannot call each

I Have 1 extension PJSIP 201 and 3 devices 202-204 attached to 201.

Extension and devices can call 201 and 201 can call them. but the

Devices cannot call each other, 202 to 204. it says your call cannot be completed as dialed.
Is this a restriction on devices or is it a settings thing?

The device is basically the username on Asterisk. It can be a number, a string, or a combination of both.

Actually, Asterisk suggests not using the same extension as the device name to avoid your server getting compromised by a bot scanner.

In short, you cannot call a device directly from a regular phone device.

On the other hand, if your phone allows calling SIP URIs, you can dial the device using the string below.


Bear in mind that any feature(e.g.: Voicemail, Follow-me, CFI, etc) won’t be applied when using this dialing method.

Hi Miguel

what I am asking is that the devices 202-204 be able to call each other be called any other extension other than the 201 extension, since the are attached to it and can call it and vice versa. This is all happening internally. The devices can call out. Essentially unless its a pure extension, they cannot call each other. Internally shouldn’t a device be treated as a extension?

                 201           =     extension
           /      |      \
         202     203    204    =   devices under ext 201. Can call 201 201 can call devices

  -  internal  inbound call to devices not working. only 201 works
 -   outbound to external and internal extensions working.

The reason I chose the device method is because It is the easiest to implement a shared voicemail with the extension 201 voicemail being shared with the devices.

When a voicemail is left on 201 voicemail, all the devices MESSAGE buttons (WMI) light up avoiding using BLFs button. The voicemail accessed by any of the devices. Only problem is that it keeps asking me to set up a new voicemail password each time.

Again, devices are not extensions. The fact that you assign a numeric value to your device doesn’t mean you can call them.

About voicemail, you have to assign a password different from the extension number.

So you are saying that its part of the system not to be able to do so except through sip addresses. Ok thanks… then how would you set up say 4 extensions using the a common mailbox with the MESSAGE Button on each phone hooked up to the common voicemail box. Not using BLFs

Just with BLFs. Currently, there’s no other method to monitor the same voicemail from different phone devices.

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