I’m trying to get direct media working between some polycom phones. If I set DTMF to Info I get directmedia however DTMF doesn’t work from the phones. I found this on the Asterisk forums https://community.asterisk.org/t/asterisk-pjsip-using-sip-info/88422. A pcap shows INFO is not set in the allow field and logs on the Polycom show it refusing to send INFO packets because it wasn’t allowed in the SDP.

Has anybody gotten DTMF using sip info working with chan_PJSIP?

I found this is a bug in Asterisk not including INFO in the allow field which the Polycom respects and doesn’t send INFO packets. I’ve opened a bug report for it with Asterisk [bug]: INFO required in SIP allow for out of band DTMF with Polycom · Issue #376 · asterisk/asterisk · GitHub.

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