PJSIP - Audio - Vital 4.0.3-5 - HA

We have an HA ambient on 4.0.3-5.

The client uses Zoiper, and when making calls in some cases the agent only sees the 480 message in Zoiper, of course the agent doesn’t know why. Usually you would hear the busy tone, but this is not the case, the call is ended and the agent is left wondering if he was busy, or if he doesn’t exist.

is any way to open the audio channel prematurely?

What recommendations could you give us?

Can you please share the sip trace from the Asterisk side? Please share via pastebin

You can create a profile like the one below, and then assign it to your trunk if your provider sends early media.

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I’m afraid you are confusing 180 with 480. Those are different SIP responses.

I answered that because of this question!

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