Pinless Not Working Correctly

Hi All,

Please can someone maybe point me in the right direction as I am having an issue were I need to prevent two extensions from making out bound calls but they should still be able to make internal calls.

I set all extensions from my side to “pinless” Yes/On and the two extensions I am trying to block has “pinless” Off/No. This works as intended where they are unable to make outbound calls and can make internal calls.

The issue I am having now is that when calling the customer on their main number and getting through to reception the caller is prompted by the system to insert the pin once reception tries to transfer them to another extension and ofc the caller won’t know this, they should just be transferred. “Pinless” is set to Yes/On on the receptionist extension.

Please let me know what am I missing or doing wrong here or if there is maybe a different method.

Try with class of Service instead.

Thank you @mo10 will try it.

Hi @mo10 it worked, thank you so much!

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