Phonebooks connect error from connect soft phone extension

I recently purchased the case on for connect to add softphones. Anyway the issue relates to adding a Phonebook from the Phonebooks module. I create the book add a couple extensions it generates the irl for the book as http://the url
Anyway running 4.0.0-8 of the connect module. On the latest version of 4 VirtualPBX, and version 4.0.1-1 of Phonebooks. I have tried recreating the book… uninstalling the module reinstalling etc. the phone book is blank with no extensions. I see this below error in the sip log. Any ideas? Community version of 4 pbx

The error
~> 2023-12-16T02:44:40.700Z (1702694680700850)
Correlation Id: Http[106A72A68]
State: Connecting
Error: GENERIC(3): Subcomponent Failure
In ali_net_http.cpp:2495
ALI-SOCKET(4): Cannot Connect
In ali_net_communicator2_legacy_socket.cpp:509
ALI-SOCKET(7): Host Unreachable
In ali_net_low_latency_socket_platform.cpp:2402
Note: connect()
SYSTEM(65): EHOSTUNREACH; No route to host
In ali_net_low_latency_socket_platform.cpp:2406
Note: connect()

~> 2023-12-16T02:44:40.700Z (1702694680700875)
Correlation Id: Http[106A72A68]
Method: GET
Error: GENERIC(3): Subcomponent Failure
In ali_net_http.cpp:3455

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