PhoneBook Vitxi

Hi Vitalpbx,

We have list phone book like this pic below


If I click dial (action call) it automatic call “telephone number” as default. Is possible doing the same thing on “mobile number” and “home phone number” ? so i don’t need to copy paste the number if agent to dial "m number " or home phone number.


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Hello Sir,

You are right, we are going to add the option so that you can choose which number to call.

It will be available in the next update.

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It would be great if there was an immediate release of the feature. I have a suggestion to you, at this time of the pandemic and the way human life has changed, there are many agents who work online (from home). I need a system where the supervisor can upload prospect data to be called by the agent. Example: List Prospect A → will be assigned to agent A, Prospect B → will be assigned to agent B. When agent A logs in, prospect A will appear, agent A will call the customer number and input the final result, for example: BUSY, VOICE MAIL, etc. So there will be call history.

Or another way by making a mini browser / widget on vitxi so we can load the crm url which displays prospect data per agent. From the page that is loaded the agent can make a call by selecting the number to call. and finally the supervisor can download all the call results from the admin menu.

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Thank you very much for your suggestions!

In the first part, it sounds more like a Dialer. This type of implementation will be available in Sonata Dialer which is currently in development, it will be available soon.

Soon we will implement in VitXi the feature of loading URLs, but to select a number and call, you will have to make a Click to Call integration in your CRM.