Phone templates (Fanvil x6u)

Trying to learn how to edit these templates. What is a good source to learn how to edit these templates? Not sure what variables are for what.


  1. I want to set it to auto provision on bootup. Where in the template would I change that?
  2. I want to turn off the red light on the top right of the phone (vm indicator light).


This is an example for almost every brand:

Google: fanvil Autoprovision Guide
Then use the search function inside the file

For the autoprovision options the phone offers the following options

0: Disable

1: Update After reboot

2: Update at time interval

You can edit the Download mode variable

This file contains the configuration values for those models, change the file extension to csv or xlsx
Fanvil-ConfigurationDenifitions.txt (200.9 KB)

edit deleted my post and replaced with below:

Ok cool thanks for that xlsx! I see a lot of these aren’t in the config screen and I’m having to input them by hand. Cool.

Question: when setting the server address for static provisioning, what is the variable (and where can I see a list of them?) to do like

(looks like mo10 above asked for this back in March as well)


Looks like I might have found a working variable :slight_smile: . I do wish you guys had a list of them ready for us to read over though! Also it appears anything you put in these templates are case sensitive. IE: “Download mode :1” doesn’t work but “Download Mode :1” does. Fun times!


We reboot all our phones across all our estates every night.

I do wish you guys would make input fields in the provisioning templates section for these options. This as well as the following:

-Ring tone
-Power LED notifications
-Time and date format 24 hour vs 12 hour
-Screen dimming timeout
-Provisioning options (on reboot or every x hours)
-Provisioning method (stun, http, https, etc)
-Transfer method used (Blind vs assisted)
-Queue ringtone

That would make that page so much more awesome :slight_smile:

Can you please check my message again and do so?

This will bring you to all the variables available.

And: What I was asking was something totally different regarding variables.

You can get the provision address from this variable $settings[‘provisioning_path’]

Thank you for your feedback, the time format is already planned for a future update, as for the other features listed we’ll consider them for future updates

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