Hello dear team

2 Days ago, we faced a “PBX Engine Stopped” issue on our V4 Pbx.
We created ticket to ask help from VitalPBX support and we was kindley supported
But, we was told that it was due to multiple invalid WebSocket sessions (as one client is calling from his own developped webrtc client).

So bellow are the steps we followed:

  1. As we thinked that it was an issue with server capacity and many connexions, we managed to buy a new Dedicated server and installed again the V4 (see server specs attached)
  2. We disconnected all Tenant’s client so actually, bind, no connexion, nothing is on
  3. We configured all possible things on the new server

BUT, we just noticed that the “PBX ENGINE” went again down while there is no call, nothing and server is new.

Can you help to find solution please

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