Pause/Resume Active Call Recording

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Quick question … does anyone know how you can pause / resume call recording when on an active call? It’s usually #0, #1 etc. but I can’t find it documented anywhere.

In the UK this is a financial requirement so credit/debit card details are not recorded.

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Here is an example for STOP recording. You can make that pause.

There is a

You could do to add stop/pause:

one_touch_rec_stop => *1,self/caller,Gosub(stop-rec,s,1(app,fmap))

one_touch_rec_stop =>

And you could do:
STOP Recording in own

exten => s,1,NoOp(Stop Recording)
same => n,StopMixMonitor()

Some more input:

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Thanks for the response. I’ll have a look and do some tests and let you know how I get on :+1:

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