Pause By Agent Report Bug?

So when we pull the “Pause By Agent Report” we are getting inconsistent results. Let me give you an example:

Agent 4 regularly pauses their extension for a couple days at a time. Agent 4 pauses on Tuesday Morning and unpauses on Thursday morning. If I run a report for all agents for Wednesday, Agent 4 will not show any paused time. However, if I run a weekly report, I will see the 3 days that she was paused. In order for the agent to show up in the report, a pause/unpause action must be present in the report period.

Is this normal behavior? Or has this been solved for in the latest version?

Carrier Plus 3.2.4-1
Asterisk 18.12.1-1
Sonata Stats 1.0.8-1

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If you generate the report by Wednesday, it’s normal that you won’t see the agent’s pause event that occurred on Tuesday. This is because the S. Stats doesn’t find that event on the day you’ve configured the filters for.

However, if you set the filters for Tuesdays and Thursdays, the record should appear.

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I understand but think of the issue with that logic. The call center manager wants to make daily reports for everyday of the week. she runs the reports on Friday for the previous days. Based on the scenario above, these are the results she gets.

Monday - no pauses
Tuesday - 8 hours
Wednesday - 0 hours???
Thursday - 1 hour
Friday 0 hours

Weekly report - 17 hours

No Bueno

Would this be something I should take to the support portal instead?

Instead of Pausing for a couple of days, you should instruct your agent to log out if they won’t accept calls.

That is a good suggestion. I will present this to the call center manager.