Pause and Resume Recording Hints

Is there a way to see whether or not the recording is active?

Not at this moment!

Nonetheless, you can use the AMI to monitor the Mixmonitor events.

Thank you very much for the reply. Can you provide a little direction on using the AMI? Also is this a valid option for 20+ phone users to use while taking calls in the queues?

Just checking if anyone can provide a little more info on checking the mixmonitor events. My customer is having some issues determining if the recording is paused or not. On inbound calls they hear a tone and can tell that the recording is paused. On outbound they do not hear anything so they cannot tell and dial the code again so recording is not pausing at the correct time.

Should I open a separate topic for the beeps only playing on the called party side?


Also, please note that the recording issue is a mandatory pci compliance issue which could boost VitalPBX in several markets.

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