Patch for Cisco Phones

I would appreciate if someone could provide some guidance on how to patch Asterisk 18.6.0 included in VitalPBX with patch from Patching Asterisk to support extra features for Cisco phones. I am experienced in compiling tarballs but never tried to patch something installed from RPMs. So far I was able to create a totally new and patched Asterisk but it seems it does not read VitalPBX’s Asterisk configuration files (/etc/asterisk).

Thank you

If your patch generates a driver file(*.so), you can copy that file and install it on your VitalPBX(/usr/lib64/asterisk/modules/). Once the file is copied into the right directory, you have to restart Asterisk.

I will try this and let you know of the outcome. Thank you.

I tried this but nothing happens. Also tried to add the extra config lines as suggested by patch developer.

Anyway, I tried to compile the same version of asterisk that is included in VitalPBX manually. I succeeded but it seems it does not read its configuration from /etc/asterisk. Any idea why this happens?

Is your fix not included in 18.10.0?

If you do yum update yum upgrade via ssh you will get asterisk 18.10.0.

The suggested patch isn’t approved by the Asterisk Team. Hence, we didn’t include that patch in our distro.

Could it at least be included as an optional feature (eg. a separate RPM)?

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