Passing Variable from asterisk to CRM URL popup

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When the call comes to ivr, the customer will be asked to enter the “CUST_ID” (DTMF) number

My question :

How to get the variable so that it can appear in the CRM_URL?


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Hi ALl
Vitxy ‘4.0.1-3’ → March 30, 2023
Added → CRM URL: Static variables

How to use “Static variables” ? Can i get variable from diaplan asterisk?


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Hi Sir,

At the moment, the only dynamic variables available are the ones that appear in the dropdown when “Use Dynamic Variable” is checked.

Static variables will have the static value that is configured when the settings are saved,

Hi @maynor

Thanks your response, any solution to get variable from asterisk dialplan and use that variable on popup CRM? That’s very important of integrated with crm

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You can do this by using custom contexts. In the link below, there’s an example of it.


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