Parking Questin with VitalPBX 3.1.0-1 Asterisk 18.4.0-1

I have the above installation with Yealink T46G phones. How do I set up a button for Call Parking & Call Retrieval with VitalPBX 3.1.0-1 Asterisk 18.4.0-1? What does the Yealink Button need to be set up for to work Call Park & Retrieval? Thanks in advance.

Hey @sfrazier1111, welcome to the community!

You would program these buttons as a BLF. For example, BLF Name: “Park 1” BLF Value: “701”

Thank you for your response, is this what you mean?

Would the way this works is that you receive a call, and then press, in my situation Linekey 8 or 9 and that would put it on hold?

Correct. Does it not work?

No it doesn’t. When I receive a call and hit the Park 1 or Park 2 , it makes the line start ringing again and I try and answer it again and it drops the call.

You’ve to hit transfer and then hit the Parking key. Some phones have a feature that made a transfer when the line is in use, but it seems that Yealink doesn’t have that behavior.

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