Overwrite Existing Dialplan Vitalpbx (revision)

Hi there!

After installing and fiddling with VitalPBX 4 we came to the conclusion that we need to modify the [ext-queues] context to add a single line there, so to accommodate the dialplan to our reporting suite, we have tested in staging env and the change works perfect, however the change goes away after reboot / reload of GUI /update, not that we will do any of that often but it is a nasty surprise after you’ve forgotten about it.

This is what we need to add:

same => n,QueueLog(${QUEUE_NAME},${UNIQUEID},NONE,DID,${DID})

The reason to do it there is because __QUEUE_NAME and __DID are defined a few lines above and doing it via custom context destination add-on would then not work because these do not exist previous to [ext-queues] (would someone please correct me if I am wrong).

I understand that this is somewhat of a controversial issue, however we’d like to know if Vital’s approach to these needs has changed at all.

Otherwise, I guess we’d just have to resort to creating a “extensions__49-1-dialplan.conf” to declare [ext-queues] before the factory one.

We like the distro and we like how it works, particularly the HA proof of concept VitalPBX has going on, however switching away from our reporting suite is not something our business can afford in terms of knowledge and operating requirements.