Outbound routes with priorities


I would like to know how we can configure priorities in the outbound routes.
Checking first if the number that are called started by 9XXXXXXXX, are in list of the first outbound route, unerless, go throught the default route XXXXXXXXX.

I have one outbound route with a list of mobille phones:

With diferent numbers in this patternet: 0XXXXXXXXX


And I have other outbound route, the Failover Destination of the first outbound route:


With this Pattern all calls are allowed to be routed to others external nacional numbers, like mobile or phone, that aren’t in the first outbound route: 0XXXXXXXXX.

If I make a call to a number that are in the first list of the outbound router, the call go through SIP trunk of the secound outbound route, the Failover Destination of the first, instead of goes through SIP Trunk of the first outbound route.

When the calls goes through second outbound route, we pay it, and in the first SIP Trunk, assigned of the first outbound route, are free.

Reference: Manage Outbound Routes

If you don’t have it, could you please create please?

You have the route selections to define the order of the outbound routes.

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Are there any possibility of just go first through the outbound route for mobile phone when people diall 09XXXXXXXXX and than through Failover Destination, instead of, for all calls check if the other number that are not a mobile phone are in the list of outbound route for mibile phone started by 09. and prevent some delay with processement to check the number that don’t start with 09. ?

Just define your routes. Asterisk will match the most exact pattern.

But I made this question because this not happen. What logs I can provide to share my issue?

After I change the position of Outbound Route with mobile phones to before the last route in list in “Route Selection Members”, works.

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