Outbound Routes: Proper Dial Pattern for adding a 1 to all US numbers.

I’d like to set up a dial pattern that prepends a 1 to any US phone number. I had set up a basic one that just looked for 10 digit numbers, but certain international numbers conflicted with that (for example: Denmark phone numbers are 10 digits long, with the country code).

Does anyone know of a dial pattern that covers that sort of issue?

Can you please provide an example of a 10 digit number?

Looking at Wikipedia I only see 8 digit numbers

Usually, I would say that you should make a dial pattern like: NXXNXXXXXX and prepend a 1. But I’m not sure if that will work for you without knowing what patterns these danish 10 digit numbers are.

(This is being said, assuming you are located in Denmark)

Sorry, I’m located in US. So, any 8 digit number for Denmark becomes a 10 digit number with their 45 country code.

45 86-xx-xx-xx is a valid number to dial into Denmark, but still matches the NXXNXXXXXX dial pattern.

Following from the above example, 458 is also an area code in Oregon, USA. So, that example number could also very easily be a valid number for the US (if I prepend a 1). That’s just an example though, I’m not sure how many countries out there have 8 digit numbers (with a 2 digit country code).

If you are located in the US, you would normally call 01145.
I understand that you can technically call +45 86-xx-xx-xx, but requesting users to dial +45 on desk phones is going to be hard.

So I think your best bet is to ask your users to dial 01145…

Makes sense?

Are you using the same outbound routes for US and Denmark calls?

Could you please share a screenshot of your outbound routes definitions?

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