Outbound route over Multi Tenant PBX

We currently have a starter license and intend on upgrading to Carrier Plus ASAP

The starter license has allowed me to add 3 x tenant PBX

We have one CTS trunk connected and wish to share this across Tenants. Incoming to assigned DIDs across tenants works fine.

The problem we are having is sharing the trunk for outgoing calls.

We would like to have the ability to make calls out on PBX 2, PBX 3 etc via the shared trunk by allowing outgoing calls via Class of service and presenting different outgoing CLI for each class.


Exts 1000-1050 will call out on one COS and present their CLI

Ext 1051-1099 will call out on second COS and present a different CLI

And so on.

This seems to work on the Main PBX but not on the Tenant PBXs

I have been through the VitalPBX4.0 Guide and it does not seem to speak to the Outbound route functionality over a Multi-Tenant setup

Any help with further info it would be appreciated.

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