Outbound Calls & Caller ID

Hello. We use Twilio for our DIDs and route the inbound calls to our PBX into a call queue. Our extensions have Follow Me enabled with the user’s cell phone attached.

When sending the queue calls to the extension and then out to the user via the Follow Me function, Twilio refuses to send the call because “The caller-ID +1XXXXXXXXXX is unverified. SIP Trunking terminating calls to PSTN must use a valid Caller ID in the From Field. A Valid Caller ID is either a DID you have purchased from Twilio or a verified Caller ID.” (documentation here: Error 32204 | Twilio)

Our team answering a call on that cell phone need to see the phone number of the caller and not of the DID they called. For now, we are using another provider to send out outbound calls so they don’t fail but I need to find a way to keep these calls entirely on Twilio.

Is there a way to pass the caller ID to the cell phone while also authenticating with Twilio that we are a legit call? Has anyone else run into this and do you have a workaround?

Have you asked Twilio support about it?

Yes and they have refused to remove the flag that allows for unverified caller ids. We are routing the outbound calls via a third party but I’d prefer to keep the traffic on Twilio for pricing and reporting purposes.

They must give you instructions about how to inform the callee of the real caller number.

Your only option is to ask them to allow sending the calls and have them sign it with a C or B.

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