Outbound callerid based on area code dialed

I have a current customer who is setup on their existing PBX to use different outbound caller ids based on area code dialed by their outbound call center…

If they dial 727NXXNXXXX it goes out with a 727 area code DID. Same for about a dozen other area codes.

I do not seem to be able to recreate this on either my multi tenant install or a standalone install.

I need to get this functioning for a VitalPBX Call Center license, but would like to be able to offer it to smaller clients on the mult tenant platform.

The only way is to create one outbound route per group of patterns and assign the desired caller ID to each of those routes.

Yes, that is what I have been attempting to do. I have 3 outbound routes defined, this is not on a production server.

Default No forced caller id
727 Out 7272520362
941 Out 9416296616

Regardless of what is dialed it always goes out on default. Do the rules need to be ordered in some manner and if so, how do you accomplish it. I know you can move them in the route selection, but is that the only place needed?

I have tried various iterations of Prefix, Pattern formats.

I also need to be able to ohly have certain extensions using these rules. Figured out this part already.

On your outbound rule do you have “Overwrite CID” set to Yes and your “Outbound CID” set to the name and number you want?

You should only need to apply the Pattern as your matching field. Not sure how that currently looks but I would set the pattern as E164, National +1, and National.


I have 727 out, a 941 out and default out routes with the first two configured like your suggestion.

I then have a route selection entry named outbound that has these 3 routes defined.

I have flipped the order of routes within route selection.

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