OpenAI Install not working

I followed blog instructions to setup OpenAI but it does not work, I received an error that there is no dos2unix.
chmod 777 /usr/bin/dos2unix
chmod: cannot access ‘/usr/bin/dos2unix’: No such file or directory

What VitalPBX Version are you using?
apt install dos2unix
yum install dos2unix

You are on Vitalpbx4 which does not have dos2unix by default.
This will help you:
apt install dos2unix


Hi there

I’ve got a similar issue, just trying to figure out how to get this working:
installed vitalPBX from ISO provided you, fresh install
SMTP server delivers welcome email fine
all the commands per instructions go through without errors
Voicemail is enabled on extension
Based on guide mp3 options is not in the settings (maybe not available on current version)

I did try to go through all the possible logs, but can’t find any insights why it doesn’t work.
where can I find logs for this?