Open Phones Provisioning ends in Exception

I’m afraid that you’ll have to open a ticket with support

Got it. Reference this ticket, I assume?

Edit: Just sent it in. Hopefully we’ll get a response soon.

We are checking this internally.

We ran some tests in a clean VPS hosted on Digital Ocean, and no errors have been detected yet. We will run some tests on the @anomaly0617’s server.

For now, I can say that this seems to be an isolated case.

Always happy to be the anomaly. :wink:

It is verified, the issue is an isolated case. The error happened because @anomaly0617 modified the template, and this additional code was wrong.

GS Error

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The BLF server was OK. It was P270, the Display Name for Account 1, that was the problem. For all of our phones (since there is no little piece of paper telling you what the extension # is) We put [extension] [name] in the Account 1 display. To make this occur, Miguel helped me with this line:

<P270>{{ ($accounts[0]['device_name'] && $accounts[0]['description']) ? $accounts[0]['device_name'] .' '. $accounts[0]['description'] : null }}</P270>

… which does exactly what we want it to do.

As I told Miguel, we love Grandstream phones because they are amazingly, very granularly, configurable and the audio quality on them is crystal clear. But we hate Grandstream phones too, for the exact same reason - the config can be very granular, and even a small screw-up results in a big screw-up. As evidenced here. :slight_smile:

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