One way speech after hold and pickup from a group


We have an installation on V4 latest version. Customer is based on their own connection, in an office. So all devices are NAT, to a cloud based VitalPBX. Only firewall currently is from their office and the VPBX firewall. This office has no special firewalls and their router has been used for another hosted PBX without issues. I don’t think it’s their network on this instance, as they are trialling VitalPBX after been on another trial PBX (not Vital), where it worked fine.

However when a user puts an incoming exernal caller on hold, then back off again. There is only one way traffic incoming caller can hear, but the office staff cannot hear them. Only other time it occurs and when someone users pickup in a ring group.

I have the codecs on ulaw and alaw only and the phones are Yealinks 33, 46U and 48U.

Any ideas why this occurring?

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