Number of incoming call shows wrong number

Today I had two incoming calls from an external partner.
The call is routed to a queue in which I have logged in from two different device (mobile and laptop). Both of my devices was ringing but I picked up the call on one of it.
The CDR shows 3 incoming calls for a single call. 1st is the partner’s call arrive to the PBX, 2nd and 3rd is the ringing of my devices in a queue.
If there are for example 2 more agents logged in to the queue and all other agent’s device is ringing then I would see that there are 5 incoming calls which is not true. It is only 1 incoming call.
I know that the CDR works like this.

The real problem is that the calls traffic chart on Dashboard display wrong value which is missleading.


Yes, this has always been an issue.
Is sonata Stats better with that?

I came to the forum today to ask about this same thing. Dashboard also shows every extension rang as if each were a separate incoming call. I wondered if there was a setting somewhere to change this behavior in both the dashboard and the CDR reports. The CEL reports usually would have the further details where the basic CDR report would show a single call and click on details for further flow information, in previous PBX systems we have used such as FPBX, Grandstream UCM, which both use Asterisk, as well as NetSapians.

Miguel, have anything profitable to offer on the obvious topic?

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