no route exists to the dialed destination


I am currently running into an issue where I have a trunk registered and inbound calls are not routing. I get the “no route exists to the dialed destination” message.

Impossible to help without a sip trance.
Don’t forget to censor sensitive data.

You need to define inbound route in your tenant and in route form put DID as example 12345689 and then set destination as per your choice

I have this inbound route setup as below.

This is under PBX, Call Routing, Inbound Routes. Where do I set it up in the tenant? Sorry I am brand new to VitalPBX and currently going through the training videos as well. But trying to get this setup to test.

Exactly this is a setting where we define a incoming route

Remove + from DID pattern and then try to make a incoming call

That was it, Thank You so much. No I just have to figure out Outgoing :slight_smile:

You can do this like below Screen shot

I want to Thank You for all your help. I really do appreaciate it. My Trunk provider says it has to be in this format:

I have it setup like this, but getting cant be completed as dialed, please check the number and try again?

Why you are prepending ???
Just make a call without prepend this character then see
and go to CLI and run asterisk -rvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv and there you will see whole call setup

I tried without the prepend and get the same message. If I open CLI and use that command, I get
Connected to Asterisk 18.21.0 currently running on CNRVitalPBX (pid = 1092)
Unable to read or write history file ‘/root/.asterisk_history’

Are you running this command as root user? try with

sudo asterisk -rvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

I got it figured out. Thank You

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