No ringing on Vitxi WebRTC

I think this was a part of the old forums… where did those posts go?

We have many reports of the Vitxi WebRTC not ringing. What tips do you have?
Also, in a past reply, I think you said there would be another update coming out to address the issue… do you know when?

Hello Sir,

The issue of ringtones not playing occurs after logging in. If you reload the app after logging in, the ringtones will play.

Between tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, we will release the new version of VitXi that contains new features, significant performance improvements, and fixes for reported issues.

Best regards!

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Hello Sir,

We inform you that the new version of VitXi WebRTC is now available!

You can now update from VitalPBX in the Add-ons module

Also, you can see our changelog at the following link: VitalPBX Phone System | Change Log

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