No Recording Format Option in VPBX 4

Hi Vitalpbx Team,

What is the reason for removal of recording format option in Vitalpbx 4 that was previously available in Vitalpbx 3 under PBX Settings option?


To make sure end-users can play the audio files via the web browsers. The format WAV49 and GSM are incompatible with Web-Browsers media players.

Now, you can use the Maintenance add-on to convert those WAVE files to MP3 if you want to save some space.

Hi Miguel,
Actually it’s not so much for saving space or ease of playback in browser but a requirements from Customer who still insist on having GSM format for recording citing security reasons since it’s not a common format like WAV and requires dedicated player or universal audio player extension in browser for playback . So we maintain with Vitalpbx 3 ?

Well, once the audio is downloaded, it doesn’t matter the format, you can easily convert audio using tools like the one below.


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