no matching endpoint found


My old extensions are working. I am able to do IB/OB calls.
But when i created new extensions its showing error “no matching endpoint found” at the time of QR code scan.
kindly help

Tushar Kathe

Hi, most likely a chan_sip, chan_pjsip problem.
Look that you have the right Port when connecting.

Hi Thanks for help. Now i am receving sip registration 401 unauthorized

below is the error.
Jan 7 12:51:00 pbx asterisk: [2023-01-07 12:51:00] #033[1;33mNOTICE#033[0m[26145]: #033[1;37mres_pjsip/pjsip_distributor.c#033[0m:#033[1;37m676#033[0m #033[1;37mlog_failed_request#033[0m: Request ‘REGISTER’ from ‘’ failed for ‘’ (callid: b61sSZIYeMCo1AQB0KsYgQ…) - Failed to authenticate

kindy help

Copy and paste your password. Check the credentials again.

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