No access to VPS

Hi Everyone, I am setting up VitalPBX on a VPS it has all been working great accept when i did something with the geoblocking and got myself kicked out, i reinstalled and left that module off the system. I have since been through the Udemy course and busy setting up Tenanats last night and building a dependancy list for the process of adding a new tenant to the system. I got an error so i refreshed my browerser and it would not connect. I tried to ssh into the vps with putty but no access. I can only get on through the hosting companies no VNC console and i am still getting the fail2ban mails. Does anybody know if this is a firewall issue? I cant find anyhting on resetting the firewall. I would appreciate any help i can get.

Just an update, I figured out it was my IP address blacklisted, Last night i was trying to work out the dependancy route for setting up a new tenant and think with too many modules open and being change it blacklisted me. I logged in through a different IP and could whitelist my main network. I would still apreciate any comments of where i should have picked this up earlier.