New tenant default trunks and outbound routes possible?

I’m currently migrating clients over to VitalPBX and have found the multitenant trunk/route setup a bit cumbersome. It seems like when creating a tenant you can add permissions to trunks and outbound routes, then switch to the newly created tenant and add the trunks and routes.

It would save a lot of clicks if I can just add permissions to the trunks and routes and specify which ones are used for the tenant all on the same page. For the most part all of my tenants will use the same trunk and outbound routes aside for some edge cases to allow international calling for some tenants.

You can define the trunks and outbound routes on the main tenant and then share them with your tenants.

OK so I had this working like shown in those steps (that iroad tutorial is great!) however it seemed like I had to go to each tenant as well and add the allowed outbound route. I realize this is a one time setup per tenant deal but is there a way that if the tenant has no outbound route specified it fails over to using the routes allowed to them from the main tenant?

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