New SMS Module: how to add custom Provider?

Hello dear team

We have just migrated to version 4 of VitalPBX
We want to use SMS Module but we dont find where to click for adding a Custom SMS API (custom provider)

Can someone help?

Best regards

I have sent this to the VitalPBX team back in July.


The other way around it, I think, would be best to support a middleware for “unsupported” vendors, that will allow people like us to be able to make use of the SMS functionality with their desired vendors.

For example, you can allow to setup a “custom” gateway/vendor that has to meet the following requirements:

1 - Incoming has to be a POST request posted to pbx.url/whatever/sms/custom with the following JSON format

  "to": "15554441800",
  "from": "18006669898",
  "text": "Howdy, this is a text message"


  "to": "13609865200",
  "from": "15558001234",
  "text": "Howdy, this is a MMS message. Look at my cute puppies!",
  "media": [

2 - Outgoing, similar standards and allow to enter the middleware URL where POST/GET requests will be sent for outgoing messages.

It will looks something like this:

A team member responded that they have a plan for that.

IT Expo is this week, so I doubt that we will get a definitive response on this

We really hope to have a response from them

In the Telegram group (VitalPBX), i think someone said that there is a way to add a Custom API provider but didnt say how

Best regards

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