New SMS Module Funtion


I was able to configure the SMS API with the new SMS Module, how ever, there is nothing of information how to connect it with VITXI or any other service, I send messages from the module, and in the log I can see the outbound and inbound SMS.

I mean, this is great because we were expecting this, but, is anything that i’m missing?


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The current implementation is more for campaigns or notifications.

So, you can use the SMS Module along with the API and send automatized SMS from a third-party application for instance.

Additionally, you can use the Messaging Notifications module for sending the company schedule o some kind of notification after pressing an option in the IVR or any other application.

On the other hand, our main goal is to integrate this module with the Dialer and the VitXi WebRTC this year.


Well, this are great news! can wait to see it.


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