New Install/VitalPBX 4.0 manual?

I installed VitalPBX 4.0 and trying to locate the manual before I ask any dumb questions. I only find VitalPBX 3.0 version. Is there one for VitalPBX 4.0?

Anyway, I got two extensions up and can manually config one Fanvil X3S and a Yealnk T31g to register locally. I will play with Phone Provisoning later on.

Next I setup Callcentric trunk according to some old doc in Callcentric website. It is not working and I need to edit the trunk. But I can’t find where to edit it. Can anyone point me to the right place?

When you are on the Trunk page/tab, from the top right, you should see three lines which once clicked will display all Trunks.


We are currently working on the new manual for VitalPBX 4.

In the meantime, version 3 will cover a lot of the usage of VitalPBX, as well as various articles in our blog, Blog | VitalPBX - Advanced PBX System that compliment various new features.

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Thank you!
I am trying to setup a trunk with Callcentric but have problem getting my extension registered with them. They looked at my PJSIP configuration and said it was good except that it should be SIP. But I can’t find a SIP tab to configure the trunk. I only have PJSIP, IAX2 and Custom. Any suggestion?

I found this post and solve the problem!

Callcentric need to update their info!

We are glad you were able to solve the issue. PJSIP is backwards compatible with SIP, so any SIP device or system will work with our PJSIP trunks and extensions.


Has there been any progress towards making a manual for V4 available?

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