new inbound route for the second incoming call

i have a trunk registerd with VitalPBX with 2 channels. I have conf an inbound routing for this trunk and all is ok.
Now i want to change inbound routing only for the second call if the destination extensions is busy.
is there a way to do this?

Assuming you want to check the device (extension) status prior to sending the call to it, then the only option is a custom dialplan.

I was actually planning on creating a #wish-list post to request from the developers to add a feature in the Dynamic Destinations modules, to allow Asterisk Variable lookups. So in your case, it would need to be something like:

If ${EXTENSION_STATE(4567@cos-all)} = NOT_INUSE then go extension 4567.
else, then go to the second destination

Tanks PitzKey! I use this solutions with custom context in other FreePBX. I was hoping that in VitalPBX there was a simple solutions.
I make custom dialplan, thanks!

Route the call to a ring group with the first extension and then fail over to the next destination.

You can use the Call Forward On Busy as well.

How to make this? Thanks


You can configure the Call Forward features using the Extension Status module. Additionally, you can configure these features using the feature codes. For instance, you can dial *62 to enable/disable the CFB.

The easiest way that I can think of is to create a ring group with both extensions as members with a ring strategy of one-by-one and skip busy agent. When selecting the extensions, put them in the order in the listing with the top most extension being the primary.

In this manner, when a call comes in, the system will check the first extension to see if busy and if not, the call will go to that extension. If the extension is busy, then it will go to the second extension.

You could also use the call forward busy, but this may impact that extension’s ability to have voicemail being available for that condition and might also treat any internal calling (extension to extension) in the same manner; i.e, if busy go to X.

Ok. Tanks at all.
I read all your idea, my goal is to play an annuncement if i have a second call in busy extensions.
I think the best metod is custom context.

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