New eFax Module CID


In our deployment we have a default outbound route with an Overwritten CID for external calls. We have an eFax device configured to used another number as CID. But somehow the default outbound route is overwriting the CID specified in the Fax Devices page.

So the idea is to have a default DID for all voice extensions and a separated DID for the eFax.

How can we achieve this?

Do a different Outbound Route and define the extension number of the fax on the CID Pattern.
You can then overwrite your CID again or not. Its up to you.
You can add multiple of course or you work with Patterns.


Please keep this in mind:

The eFax doesn’t have an Extension. You just set the Fax Device with a CID and that’s it. Next you go to Send Fax, select your Fax Device and click the Send button. I’m not using an external fax machine with a vitalpbx extension. I’m using the eFax Addon.

Yes, then use that CID of the Fax. It will then match accordingly. I hope. Test it.

What i wanted you to try is not possible. It does not work.

Solution for you:
Just use a different Class of Service in the Fax Device and do another Outbound-Route. In Class of Service use the Route Selection and chose your new Outbound Route without a “CID Overwrite” or with a different CID Overwrite for FAX.
Set the new Class Of Service on the Fax Device (eFax).

I just tested it and it is working just fine.


If we try to help please give feedback at least! Thank you.

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