New Custom Context issue

There is an issue with the latest Custom Context Module.
You updated CC to version 3.0.1-2 with VitalPBX 3.1.4-2.

The old Custom Context are now with NULL on Tenant.
Problem: the old CC will now not be shown anymore in the VitalPBX Gui and can not be selected anymore.
Only test1 is new and will be shown.

Can you please fix this? Thanks.

You can update the Custom Context add-on to version 3.0.1-3.

Okay, but this did not change anything.
Entries with NULL as Tenant ID are still not shown in custom context and they can not be chosen as destination (for example on IVR).


Do it manually through SSH.

 mysql -uroot ombutel -e"update ombu_custom_contexts set tenant_id = 1 where tenant_id is null"

Since I use Phpmyadmin I found a solution fast but i am thinking about everybody else that will have that problem.

Will you try to fix this for everybody automatically?


It’s already fixed in that update. We just reupload the RPM. So, people upgrading to this version will get the right migration file.

Thx what will the migration file do exactly?

Will execute the same query of my previous post.