New bug : current call

here’s another one:
during a call, clicking on current calls does not return to the call with the options (hang up, etc.).

the problem is not systematic: sometimes it works, sometimes not

Vitxi version: 1.1.0-4
Browsers: Brave, Chrome, Edge


Hello, sir,

The call is coming from a queue, does the problem occur only on incoming calls?

I have not been able to reproduce the error,


it seems that the problem only occurs when the call comes in from a queue.
However, it is not systematic.


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Yesterday we released a new version of VitXi. You can upgrade!

You can see the release details in our changelog:

Vitxi updated but always the same problem :

  • External call
  • Queue
  • Ringing Witxi
  • call answered
  • i see the same as in previous post
  • clic on call (top left) dont show options (nothing change)


Hi All,

After update vitxi to version “1.1.1-1” update profile error like pic below.



No problem here updating profile.
Maybe it would be more practical to put only one problem per post


To clarify, that’s happening when updating an existing user.

We’ve just released version 1.1.1-2, to fix this specific issue.

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