NetworkManager Install | Digital Ocean (marketplace) Hosted


My team and I have been experiencing some networking issues with our VitalPBX system, and I was hoping someone could help explain how to properly install this nmcli or NetworkManager package in a way that won’t negatively impact the system.

We are hosting VitalPBX on Digital Ocean, and using the marketplace image. It sits on a private network as it is part of the built in functionality DO offers, and I could see these as main reasons I get this message when I navigate to: ADMIN > NETWORK > NETWORK SETTINGS within the admin VitalPBX portal.


The main reason I ask is because in the past I’ve noticed iptables and firewalld services in a similar situation. That is, the main functionality seems to be modified because of our particular setup scenario within Digital Ocean.

I plan to make backups and restore if I make any changes that stop the system from functioning, but I was reaching out just in case anyone has any tips or suggestions?


We recommend not changing any network parameters in Digital Ocean, since these are already preconfigured in the virtual machine and DO does not allow them to be altered. Only the Hostname can be modified.

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