Need to show ANI and DNID on phones for inbound calls

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We are setting up 3 DIDs on a single extension and want to know which DID was dialed when receiving a inbound call on that extension.

Technically we want show this format = <2123591234> “2125554444” on the phone when receiving a inbound call wherein;

212-359-1234 is the DID (DNIS)
2125554444 is the caller ID of the caller (ANI)

Was hoping if there is a setup for this on the VitalPBX WebAadmin, as I can’t seem to see anything for inbound CID manipulation.

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It’s called CID modifier. Just search for CID in Vitalpbx.

Thanks for the reply on this.

I’ve checked on this option. it seems to be specific in modifying the incoming CID name/number (ANI) or the outbound caller ID of the extension.
What we were hoping to show on the phone is the DNIS for the incoming call, so we can see what DID the customer dialed into.

This is the Inbound Routes. You set the DID there and decide what should happen next.

You could then go to a ring group for example and set a Prefix Name there. Which could be your DID or a name you like. Queues can do that, too.

Here is a trick for you, hope you like it :slight_smile:


or you can test this, too:

if it’s really only 3 DIDs then you can use the CID Modifiers manually as well.
The CID Modifiers is just right for you.
For DID1, DID2 and DID3 you just set the CID Modifier and then on Inbound Routes as wanted.


Ahh this is good to know, so using a asterisk function will work on this section. I assumed it would just be a static name or number. Let me try this out and get back to you. Thanks @mo10


Would be no problem for you either way since you are talking about 3 DIDs. No big deal to do it manually.

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