Need help to register Linksys SPA400 with Vitalpbx

Dear everyone

I setup a vitalpbx server and it work fine with internal device, now i want to dialout , send/receive call from external using SPA400 gateway with pstn line, i setup a sip trunk as following settings, but this doesnt work, please kindly help.


Thanks very much

@jheavenknows Is this VitalPBX 3? If yes, remember the PJSIP runs by default on port 5060, and SIP runs on port 5062.

So, if you’re using SIP as shown in your screenshot, make sure you’re referring to the correct port. Nonetheless, I recommend you to give it a try to PJSIP.

Thanks very much, i temporatory switched to freepbx for this, i will remember this suggestion and try it later. Thanks very much

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