Need help setup PJ SIP trunk with Portech MV370

Hi I am struggling to setup pjsip trunk with Portech MV370, I have setup VITALPBX on raspberry pi with ip where as my MV370 GSM To VOIP gateway setup on What settings I need and to put on VITALPBX and MV370. I have attached the screenshots of MV370 Setting page and trunk
I will be really thankful if someone help me to setup trunk for outbound and inbound call


I see the red circle on top, did you apply changes?

Did you enable the registration option in your trunk?

On the other hand, the Local Secret isn’t required from my point of view!.

Hi Miguel , thanks for the reply, I applied the changes but not able to place outbound call or receive inbound

Did you enable the registration option in your trunk?

Yes I did

is my other settings correct ?

You could troubleshoot using SNGREP.

sngrep -c -r

Where should I use this command? ON raspberry pi or on VITALPBX?

Please check the YouTube channel of vitalPbx. Or take the course.

Sngrep is a tool which needs to be used as root via ssh.

thanks, for the valuable suggestion

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