MVNO integration

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I own a MVNO, were mobile calls, are routed

GSM → GSM SWITCH → SIP SWITCH → destination

We run a Asterisk based system today, were mobile calls are routed over the asterisk (in sip) were Asterisk sees it as a “sip device” beloning to a user.

Calls to and from mobiles goes → mobile sip switch (dedicated switch only for mobile) → asterisk → (dedicated switch only for mobile)

Dies anyone have a suggestion, how this can be seutp in Vitalpbx?

Current solution, we prefix calls to mobile, so it takes the correct route/IP

I don’t know that device. Nevertheless, I guess that what you have to do is replicate your current settings into VitalPBX. I mean, create the devices, trunks, outbound routes, and any other thing on VitalPBX.

It is not possible to replicate that exact setup into Vitalpbx.

Baiscally, today the mobile i “viewed” as a custom extension, and by prefixing the mobile number, we make sure calls go out, on the correct trunk.

I think it can with COS in VitalPBX
You can make for every GSM-SIP-SIM a COS and also a SIP-SIM route, so we use it in the Netherlands SIP-SIM

Not sure how that would work, as the mobil is an extension?

I use SIP-SIM with VitalPBX the SBC is a kamailio server
I use MS-Teams with VitalPBX the SBC is a kamailio server

U can also make custom Applications, Destinations and Context (only in the main tenant) but i dont use them.

I use the PJSIP stack as a extension

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