Multitenant - Per Extension Price to resell / Package

Hello Community,
i need a suggestion or if anyone can share his experience with Multi tenant Production Implementation

How do you resell Vitalpbx Tenant

Is it per extension per month, If yes then what is the per extension price you charge?
2. Or do you resell it as package like bundle with IP Phones or Create a Bundle with Minutes or Bundle as Extension + Sonata Features.

I would really appreciate if someone can come up and share his production scenario and best practice to sell

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Coming from 3cx, we mostly do simultaneous-call type pricing. Also makes it easier for the customer to understand they are getting “3 lines” in their package. This is especially useful when we switch customers that were with their local telco. It keeps things familiar.

Other reasons why we dislike the “per extension” pricing model are that there are several uses for extensions besides having a full-time employee making or receiving calls all day. Per extension, pricing will affect the competitiveness of your prices to low-call-volume customers.

When you get to a critical mass of customers, you can then find deals for a specific amount do voice channels with a trunk provider. Making the pay-per-use actually more expensive. And in case we cap our allocated channels in high demand peaks, we burst calls to a different trunk providers that we pay at 6sec increments.

Lastly, we sell 100% of the devices we install. We don’t want to deal with returns and all the BS associated with the management of an inventory. In very rare circumstances, we might bend that rule a little or offer to spread the cost of new equipment when the acquiring cost of the equipment would go beyond a certain budget that was approved by the board earlier that year for example. We would try to make this investment fall under next year’s budget in total or partially.

I hope this gives your valuable insight on how to price and package you offerings. We learn that we should be flexible but also keep it simple. Its a fine balance that only you can find.

My last piece of advice is to call the business sales department of your local telcos that offers phone services and have them price you a service package for the type of service you see yourself offering. With that information, see what kind of value you can offer that exceed their offering and see if you can be cheaper. We pretty much guarantee 25% discount for business that switch from a local telco for the same service (if they don’t have a super promo deal, multi-service special pricing or multi-year contracts). Thats a good sales pitch to get them to talk to you. Then you can listen to them and see what else you can offer that they didn’t know they needed.

Ok, sorry for my rambling. You probably already knew most of what I said. Sorry about that.

Cheers and good luck all.
(I didn’t take the time to check typos, sorry)

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I support both subscription offerings. Most of my existing clients are 3CX so are familiar with Simultaneous Call pricing, so we support that for those clients that opt to move. Other prospects that may already be familiar with per extension pricing we offer that as well. I find that the per extension pricing dries up after the 5 or 6 extension level, unless it is a very specific set of features. Pretty easy sell either way.