Multitenant outbound calls doesn't work

In multitenant, I don’t have outgoing calls. I get the forbidden error and the call ends.

The steps I have followed are those of the course video (udemy) and all the official ones I have seen on YouTube.
I have also followed the manuals of VitalPBXWIKI and forum.

Incoming calls are 100% functional
I have the 50 multitenant module and the steps I have followed are the following:

Create the tenant from main and assign it the route selection and DDID
To do this, previously created the outgoing route & trunks

I have created the trunks in the main

I have created the incoming routes within each tenant

In the main I have:
outbound routes
route selection

In the tenant I only have:
incoming route

If I configure everything within a tenant, incoming and outgoing work.
When I want to use the multitenant configuration creating things in the main is when the outgoing ones don’t work



On the tenant side, try creating a trunk and tie it to the main trunk and also, create an outbound route and tie it to trunk you created on the tenant side.

That is the way I have it set on my side… DON’T forget to go into your main tenant, Admin, Tenant, “CALL & SMS ROUTING” and make sure that your tenant has permission to use the trunk you created on the main tenant under the “Allowed Tenant Trunks.”


When you create the trunk on the tenant side, make sure you choose “TENANT” and not PJSIP or any of the other listed trunk types… You don’t need any credentials as you will be tying that tenant trunk to the main trunk which already has the credentials.

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